1996 Tube Stock

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1996 Tube Stock

Post by class43HS125 »

It Is time to take a small step sideways and diverge from the main path into an attempt at a cab view for the 1996 Tube Stock.
Looking like one is just sliding along the tracks is a little scary now that there are 4 rails there. Any info regarding cab measurements would be appreciated as I am just a little to far away to pop on down to the depot and ask around.

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Re: 1996 Tube Stock

Post by jtiffin »

I think you will have to pop over to London.
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Re: 1996 Tube Stock

Post by Electricfox »

From New Zealand? Bit of a pop ain't it?

I think your best bet is to have a chat with one of the guys over in the MSTS Underground section, there's some good modellers over there which means they should hopefully have some sources to work from.
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Re: 1996 Tube Stock

Post by overmarze »

The cab would be abit useless with out the rooling stock? :o

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