7. Repaints & permissions.

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7. Repaints & permissions.

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When setting out to repaint a model it is crucial to establish at an early stage what permissions are going to be required from the original author. Virtually all models have a readme.txt or similar file in the download. This file usually spells out the author's wishes.

UKTS fully support whatever the model authors' specify.

A few authors don't mind what you do with their work as long as you give them credit for the original model. Others have more restrictive conditions varying in requirements. Some authors do not give any permission to modify their work at all. Commercial producers will almost certainly have a repaint policy and procedure. It is your responsibility to check before you start work to avoid wasting your time and effort. It is no good complaining afterwards - nobody is really going to give you any sympathy.

So prior to commencing any work that is going to made public you should seek permission. Please take note of the last paragraph in the screenshots thread in the UKTS Forum rules forum. Showing WIP screenshots without permission is not acceptable.

So how should I request permission ?

Well, first off don't post anything on the UKTS forums unless that is what the readme.txt file says to do ! Take a good look at the readme.txt and see what it says. If it says send a PM (private message) on the forums then do that. If it says email - well send an email then. If the file was downloaded from UKTS and does not contain advice of repaint requirements then either drop the author a PM or email the moderator team for advice (hopefully this should be a rare occurrence).

What if I don't get a response or the email bounces ?

No response means : No permission is granted. You can not assume no response means no problem. If the email bounces then consider the fact that people do abandon email addresses for various reasons. You could try alternative means such as a forum post asking if anyone has contact details for the person you are seeking but don't go into details as to what you are repainting since that will generate questions about release dates (see next point).

I want to post a screenshot but I don't have permission. What should I do ?

Don't post it ! Posting a WIP shot will probably generate a number of posts asking about release dates all assuming the original author will give permission. This action can be seen as a form of blackmail since if the original author exercises their right to refuse the repaint then they are the ones that appear in a bad light to some members of the community even though you modified their work without permission.

What about modifying repaints ?

Well, then life can get really interesting. You really need to check the readme.txt files for the original model and the repaint and comply with both of them. They might seem contradictory but you really must make sure you have full permissions before uploading repaints or posting screenshots.
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