RW exporting from 3DS HELP!!

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RW exporting from 3DS HELP!!

Post by kieran1 »

Hi everyone,

I have started dipping my toe into the world of creating assets for RW,

I watched many tutorial videos but one thing just isnt working.

i understand that you have to texture the model in 3DS by creating the texture in photoshop, then saving as a tga then converting it to ace (using the tool in the RW folder (RWAceTool.exe i think its called) and then you load the .ace texture into the material editor in 3ds then texture it then export it with the RW plugin to an igs file.

I have tried this and .ace is not showing in the material editor, i then did some research and found that 3ds no longer supports this so we must now use .dds format.

so i loaded the .dds i made in photoshop into the material editor and textured it fine, then when i came to export to railworks intermediate geometery (.igs) it says it cant export it because the texture is a "non RW texture" the exact error is "non RW texture found"

is there any way around this? I have seen someone do this fine with ace in material editor in 3ds max 2009 so should i just revert to 2009 or is there a way to fix this problem?

Many thanks

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Re: RW exporting from 3DS HELP!!

Post by ThTensen »

First, which version of 3DS Max do you use? I presume 2009. In that case you've to work with ace-files! When you apply the material, did you choose Kuju-material in the materialeditor?


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