Adding driver

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Adding driver

Post by Sprat »

I hope this is the right place to ask this. I have added a driver to my 4-4-0 engine.I edited the engine bin file in the child section elements to position the driver but it is facing backwards.Anyway of turning him around.?..
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Re: Adding driver

Post by jkxx74 »

Yes, although I can't tell you which file this will be in. You will see a matrix in one of the decoded bin (to XML via SERZ) files with several columns of numbers, describing the object's position along the three axes. If I recall correctly it needs to be the Y axis and you can try either swapping the two numbers (if the line says 0 50 0 -100, make it 0 -100 0 50) and then try it that way. If it's still off you can also try moving the - sign from one column to the other, only the non-0 columns being of interest. I know this is a very bad description but it's been a while since I've been face to face with an XML file. I hope this helps at least a bit.


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Re: Adding driver

Post by Ryosuke »

hi sprat,

if you've entered the child blueprint in the engine blueprint, the next step should be to open up the engine in the preview tool of the asset manager. in the lower left field where you can also move the couplers around, there are other entrys which you can move around, one of them should be the driver's position. now logically you'd expect it to be the driver entry but in my case i had to move the sound entry in order to move the driver. :-?
so just experiment with that and look what moves the driver around.

and if you're not satisfied with the inaccurate positioning in the preview tool you can also open up your engine blueprint in the source folder (you do not have to edit the engine blueprint afterwards in the asset folder by moving it through the serz.exe, you can edit that in the source engine blueprint xml) and look for the right child blueprint section (just search for "driver" if your driver's child blueprint entry is called "driver".)
there you'll find as described by jkxx a huge number of numbers. i don't know which of these numbers change the rotation, so its advisable to first move and rotate whatever entry you have to deal with in the preview tool roughly in the right position and then fiine tune the position in the xml file by hand. you will notice that after totating something as good as possible in the preview tool that some of those numbers now have values very close to zero or one like -0.004656 or 1.000737 or 0.99746. there will be something like 4 to 6 numbers like that and if you change them to 0 or 1, whatever is closest, you'll get the orientation exactly right (its kinda more important for couplers or freight than the driver but its the same for any child's position.)
as for the position itself the 4th to last, 3rd to last and 2nd to last numbers i think are for the position but i don't know which is the X Y or Z now myself.

my workflow is always:

1. child entry in the engine blueprint
2. moving it in the preview tool
3. fine tuning the source engine blueprint xml.

hope that everything is understandable. :)

db schenker rail driver in training :)

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