Internal and External Wiper Animation

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Internal and External Wiper Animation

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Hi All,
I've just noticed on my recent 1938 TS cab upload that i have inadvertently disabled the external animation of the wiper on the 483. This is because i had to edit the line in the engine.bin file that contorls the external wiper animation to point to my internal wiper animation to get it working at the correct speed. From what i have found it would appear that the internal cab wiper animation has no independant speed control. No matter how many keyframes you export it with from 3DC it always runs at the same speed which seems to be controlled by the external wiper animation speed. This is why the internal animation is referenced as InteriorGeometrySlaveOutput. This could be a problem when referencing a replacement cab to engines. Can RS confirm this and is there any way of opening and editing .BAN files.

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