JR EAST Train Simulator

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JR EAST Train Simulator

Post by anakha »

Just noticed that JR EAST Train Simulator is available on Steam in Early Access:

https://store.steampowered.com/app/2111 ... Simulator/

It’s based around live action images rather than a 3D virtual world. According to the Steam page

“In the early access version, you can only drive a few stations on each route, but in the full version, you will be able to change the routes you can drive and purchase DLC to drive longer distance sections. The full version will also include support for external controllers.”

The following line sections can be operated.

Hachiko Line (Kiha 110 Series) Upbound Takasaki - Gumma-Fujioka (approx. 14 min. 11.7km)

Keihin Tohoku Line (Series E233-1000) Southbound between Omiya and Minami-Urawa (about 12 min. 7.8km)

Currently available for just over £7

There are plenty of YouTube videos already so I’ve just picked on of the shorter ones:

Robbie S.
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