Train Driver 2

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Train Driver 2

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Has anyone here tried this excellent (free!) sim? It's a detailed Polish train sim, with great scenery/trackwork/signalling and detailed train ops. Uses the Unity game engine. The maps are huge from what I can see, they are downloaded only when you need them.

Multiplayer is v immersive with lots of players/signallers. Single player also, definitely recommed this before diving into multiplayer. The signallers are friendly/helpful and most speak English, but it helps to have some knowledge of procedures/signalling etc before trying MP. A steep but enjoyable learning curve for me.

It just goes to show that MP does work in a train sim. You basically log on with a train type (goods/pass/loco only etc) and then ask for a timetable from the signaller (stating train type,mode, max speed). The signaller will then assign a timetable. Great fun.

There's even a route editor!
Here's a link.
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