Disagreements on other BVE Forums

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Disagreements on other BVE Forums

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The Moderation Team have had to intervene several times recently regarding arguements and disagreements that have happened on other BVE forums where some members have attempted to bring the arguements to this forum. This has resulted in disproportionate effort by the Moderation Team members in this one forum section.

The continuation of disputes started in other forums is not wanted here.....and vigourous action will be taken by the Moderation Team against any offenders. We ask that should anyone identify any continuation of any dispute from another forum, then DO NOT contribute to the thread. Instead, immediately report the thread to the Moderation Team by using the "Report this post" button, and the matter will be investigated and appropriate action taken.

The last thing the Moderation Team want to do is to recommend to the site owner that the BVE forum section be removed......and if bad feelings from elsewhere are brought here, then that is what we may be forced to do.

The Moderation Team

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