openBVE Program Version September07

Another popular Train Simulator with the notable highlight of being freeware! Also note the new OpenBVE version with many new features - well worth a look!

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openBVE Program Version September07


Just downloaded and did a few runs of the latest program from ... _Documents
Thus far all trains and routes tested seem to work well in the new main program.
Thanks to Chris Lees, the improvements continue.

Many oBVE users will likely appreciate the new RailDriver compatiblilty, though the $200+ for that device is a barrier.

Have not yet tried importing any LokSim train objects into openBVE;
would like to see the giant library of MSTS\OpenRail objects becoming compatible with openBVE.

Used the new route checker\convertor utility on a legacy Australian route in old RW format; the converted CSV format worked well.

Also tried the new train XML format convertor; it worked but I'm not yet fully convinced on new XML formats for train configuration
Do they offer a significant enough advantage over old Train.Dat and Extensions.Cfg files?
Will XML become just a different more verbose form that is not likely be used by most addon developers?
OpenBVE's "800 lb Gorilla" of a problem remains not being able to shunt and interactively change a trains consist.

Thanks again to Chris,

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