Bve routes Developing

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Bve routes Developing

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I am a bve and open bve user for a long time. Now I am considering to make some routes and trains. I visited some heritage railway and railway now in use. I am also considering buying track diagrams and gradient info. I also like to take photographs of the trains. I am considering to start off with a class 08 loco because it seemed straight forward for me. I also got some tools for developing bve. May I ask how do you make an image taken from the side to make it in front? Thanks in advance.
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Re: Bve routes Developing


Best way to learn how to make openBVE train and route addons is by studying the better addons that already exist.
You need a text editor for the .TXT DAT CFG B3D CSV files.
You need an image editor for the .BMP GIF PNG files.
You need a sound editor for the .WAV files.
Specific information and more help is available via links listed here

Developing for openBVE requires time and perserverence, so try not to get frustrated in your efforts.

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