S Stock on Hmmsim - Version 2!!! Improved, clearer audio

Another popular Train Simulator with the notable highlight of being freeware! Also note the new OpenBVE version with many new features - well worth a look!

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S Stock on Hmmsim - Version 2!!! Improved, clearer audio

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If you are keeping up to date with my S Stock development, then you will be pleased to hear that I have released a second version which has improved clearer audio and more S Stock acceleration audio over 60mph. I would appreciate it if you give feedback on what to do next - really, I specialise in sound, not exteriors and interiors, so something like "Do Class 700" would prompt me to edit an existing train to include class 700 audio, not make a class 700 exterior.

Download link is in description of video, you can run this train on other Hmmsim routes by changing the filename to the default one required by the desired route, so for example, central line - you would change filename to default filename, which is LT1992, I believe.

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