Riad loft Tile design and blueprint

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Riad loft Tile design and blueprint

Post by frogyhz »

My project is very advanced now, in the begging I use the road section from the kuju, but now I am thinking to design mine.

I follow the instruction on the railsimulator dev docs and on their wiki but does'nt work.

I create of the course the road loft section blueprint and connect with the road section IGS

I use 3DSmax 2015, I design a plan shape with 4x4m size

I put the road texture with the LoftTexDiff.fx.

I go on the editor, the file name is on the list, I can put in, but it's invisible.

I guess I made something wrong but I don't know where. Because the tuto it's hard to found online

Thanks in adavance for the help

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