Modelling Long shot - trailers / RRV / Autos

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Modelling Long shot - trailers / RRV / Autos

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Good afternoon good people,

I know this is a massive long shot, and a huge shot in the dark but I lead a visualisation team as part of a rail planning company. We have taken on some work for a contractor who is working for Network Rail doing a track relay and the number of models they require in a short timeframe is overwhelming for my team right now.

I need some relatively high quality of models for some trailers, wagons, RRVs, and an Auto ballaster.

Forum Mods, if I'm not allowed to post this kind of thing I apolagise now just figured a forum like this would be a great place to get people with passion and knowledge. If it's not allowed, take it down and I'll keep trying to find a resource or two.

If any of you gents know good places to find / can model up to a good standard (not saying for free here, I'm not that insulting to expect work for gratis).

Side Tipper
Auto Ballaster
Tilting Wagon

Kirow 250
Kirow 1200


I would be greatly appreciative. :D

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