Emissive glow and view facing problem

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Emissive glow and view facing problem

Post by Glenn1953 »

Hello readers.

Having a problem here with the View Facing box. (3DS Max 2013 64bit / Windows 10). I have followed a couple of 'tutorials' - for both the view facing trees and also for the glow around lights. (I am mostly interested in the lights at the moment). Now here's the thing: Any of the TrainViewFacing shaders used with the 'View Facing' box ticked works great. As soon as I try to use ANY other shader - specifically TrainEmissiveGlow - the 'object' completely disappears when exported to TS. I have tried a couple of methods creating the 'object', like creating a simple Plane or creating a box and deleting all faces except one (which leaves a single plane of course). I have created the texture file using a variety of Alpha channels - everything from black to white (Photoshop).

At one point, I thought it might be because I am using 3DS Max 64 bit, so I 'borrowed' an old version (Max 10) 32 bit, but results are exactly same.

I have tried quite a few different methods of working UVW. I have tried numerous different textures. I have checked and double checked all the boxes (transparent, double sided, view facing, upright view facing etc etc). No matter what I try, I can't get TrainEmissiveGlow to work with View Facing ticked (always resulting in a totally invisible 'object').

Can't help feeling that I am missing something obvious. Like someone out there has a simple solution which is going to make me feel a bit stupid!

So: Can someone please make me feel a bit stupid?

Many thanks

I should add that I am not exactly a newbie where Max is concerned. I have created my own 3D track and numerous structures, including some fairground rides.

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