3DS 2015 exporting problems.

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3DS 2015 exporting problems.

Post by spookywestie »


I have been using this tutorial here: http://railworkswiki.com/tiki-index.php ... e%20Manual

I have gotten as far as:

10. Click on the texture slot which says None.
11. Find the texture (..\Source\RSderek\HowTo\Scenery\Procedural\Textures) and click open.

Here is the issue, when I click on the empty texture slot, I am unable to select my previously created texture, as it seems I can only import *.mat, *.max and *.chr.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: 3DS 2015 exporting problems.

Post by pauls »

Did you click on Bitmap then go to the folder where your texture is ? Your screenshot doesn't seem to show you using the RSderek.... folder ?

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Re: 3DS 2015 exporting problems.

Post by Glenn1953 »

Yep, I would say that you need to double click 'Bitmap' at the top then navigate to the required destination.

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