Questions about RWMaterial

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Questions about RWMaterial

Post by Yangyuan1992 »

Hey guys! :D
I'm a developer from China,and now I'm making a loco.
While I'm setting the materials,I find some questions...
shader name:TrainBumpSpecEnvMask.fx
here is a option:Specular Power,max value is 1.
how I set ?
I know the same option in old Kuju Material too,but in Kuju Material we can set 2 or more...
OS:M$ Windows 8.1 pro x64
3dsmax version:3dsmax 2011 x64 with RWMaterial
Kuju Material have no 64-bit version,and my 3dsMax(32-bit) didn't work property...

my English is poor...hard to understand,right?

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