Some TS2012 Route Creator Information

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Some TS2012 Route Creator Information

Post by RailX »


two months ago i asked the support a simple question. and still no answer. :x
so maybe someone here has a answer for my question.

in the 3ds max kuju shader options there i a register with "specular color".
i tried to change the specular color for a texture, without success.
i game i can't see any effect.

so can we change the specular color for different textures in railworks? or is this option disabled for railworks?

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Re: Some TS2012 Route Creator Information

Post by Irishrailguy »

Have you actually increased the specular power so the shine is actually visible? If the Spec spinner in the material editor is set to 0 you will only get default lighting on your model. Also are you using a shader which supports specularity (i.e does the name of the shader have 'spec' in it?). If these aren't set up correctly your specular colour won't change as you won't actually have a non default specularity on your model.


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