Export from Sketchup to 3Dsmax Tuto

GMax is now capable of making models for both Auran Trainz and Microsoft Train Simulator so you can see your work in both sims very quickly and easily now!
GMax is a sister product to the big 3D Studio Max but also has the distinct advantage of being completely free - and available for download from UKTrainSim.

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Export from Sketchup to 3Dsmax Tuto

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Hi everyone,

Hope you are fine and you take care of you well :D :D

In the past I designed object in Sketchup then export to 3Dmax to do final convertion for Train Simulator, but I didn't do that since a few years so I find out that I forgot some part, and unfortunately can not found back this tutorial.

I know that I'm blocked on the step that they have a menu with edit with poly and edit with mesh, and I remember it was to add some modifiers and then can convert the texture for TS with the plugin.

If someone, can help me to remember or have a link, informations anything, please let me know

Thank you very much for your help
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