S - Plymouth to Penzance Activities

The Activity Editor allows you to make your own activities, or missions, for the player to complete. This is also how you can get lots of other trains running while you drive yours!

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Re: S - Plymouth to Penzance Activities

Post by Natsley »

Hi Stephen,not quite sure what you mean as you have managed to upload your file,but there is an "upload file"button on the main screen when you log in,also a button to view all files you have uploaded.
If that is not what you mean could it be the panel that displays when you are loading the Activity on your computer.This could have something to do with the title in the "Class & Type" dropdown box menu being
( [Activity]Activity-Plymouth->Penzance ) when i think it should be ( [Activity] Cornish_Main_Lines )

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Re: S - Plymouth to Penzance Activities

Post by stephenrwells »

Hi Stan,

I seem to have confused you as you are probably aware that I have successfully uploaded many files over the years.

What I was actually referring to was the ability to show a file panel for a particular file, as below:-

[uktsfile nnnn]
- Show a file panel for that particular file id

Incidentally there is no ( [Activity] Cornish_Main_Lines ) in the "Class & Type" dropdown box only ( [Activity]Activity-Plymouth->Penzance )


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