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Re: TSW Community screenshots

Post by batling »

Great shots Steve.

It's a lovely route, I agree it is short but it is stunningly put together and there is so much to do. It's very immersive. The run down to Seaford is my favourite although I think there is a higher force trying to stop me... I was on a run down there last night and we had a power cut, tried again this morning and I got caught up inthe scenery and missed my stop! I'm obviously not meant to go back to the seaside...

Antony Flack.
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Re: TSW Community screenshots

Post by 749006 »

TransportSteve wrote:I've taken a few shots today of the DMU service from Saltburn, with the new BR Blue Class 31, through the industrialised areas,
Which scenario is that Steve?

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Re: TSW Community screenshots

Post by TransportSteve »

I'm sure it was 2D91 Saltburn to Bishop Auckland at 08.55 am, Peter, it was the only morning service out of Saltburn.
Don't forget to switch on your tail lights on the DMU before setting off it doesn't tell you to do that in the script, you should have enough time to scamper down the platform and then back to the 31 again...... :D

Cheerz. Steve.
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Re: TSW Community screenshots

Post by glasgowworks »

Class 101 DMU calls at Greenfield as the train forms the 14:44 Leeds
to Manchester Victoria.

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