Out now: Route Guide Sandpatch for TSW2

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Out now: Route Guide Sandpatch for TSW2

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There now is a fully upgraded Route Guide for the Sandpatch Grade. I added instructions for booting in cold boot, timetable and specific details for multiple working. I hope this helps if you are struggling with this route.

From the previous versions you find links to additional documentation and some links to to the real life Sandpatch Route.
You can download it here, together with other documentation and tools for TS2021, TSW20202 and TSW2.

Please be aware that the TSW20202 version of the Sandpatch Route Guide still is downloadable. So make sure to pick the TSW2 version (near the top of the page).

Download location: https://www.hollandhiking.nl/trainsimulator

Here you will find the latest version of the Senario Authors Guide, TSW starters Guide, LuaCreator and TSWTools and more ...
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