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TSW Confusion

Post by rkk01 »

Some help needed here (been away for a while...)

I picked up TSW and some of the TSW diesels in Steam sales...

...but see there is now TSW2 and TSW3(?)

Are they totally standalone, or are the "legacy :lol: " TSW assets usable in the later versions...?
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Re: TSW Confusion

Post by AndiS »

This page looks like all the old content should be available for TSW3.

https://live.dovetailgames.com/live/tra ... ntk-launch

TSW2 is discontinued, it says.

Just second hand knowledge as far as I am concerned, mind you.
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Re: TSW Confusion

Post by jarmstro »

I am also confused but my understanding is that older routes are not compatible and that they have to be re bought as they are updated and are made available. Bit of a scam really. I'm also back to Train Sims after many years with TSW3 and am a bit underwhelmed to be honest. I can't see it selling well enough to attract many third party devs so I expect it to remain very limited. PS I'm also very sad to read that UKTS is closing.
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