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RW_Tools now Freeware

Post by mikesimpson »

I have decided to provide the full version of RW_Tools as FreeWare from now on.

There are a few reasons for this:-

1. RW_Tools has not changed much in the past 12 months and interest is waning.

2. It is unlikely that any new versions of TrainSimulator will be forthcoming before the new UE4 version appears (initally
announced for 2016, but as there have not been any 'preview' pictures at all, I am doubtful about that). So no more updates to
RW_Tools will be required. Even if the UE4 version uses similar .xml files, I will not be spending months/years writing
utilities for it like I have done for both MSTS and the various iterations of Railworks.

3. I will be 76 in a few weeks and have had health issues over the past few years.

I will today post a full version of RW_Tools v7.0.0 on my site and at - this version is identical to v6.0.92
apart from not needing a license to run, so if you already own v6.0.92 there is no point in downloading it again, however if you wish to update from an earlier version there is an update patch to v7 on my site.

I will retain a 'Donate' button on my site for anyone wishing to contribute to the cost of running my website and continuing
to fix bugs etc. but there will no longer be mandatory license requirements, you will receive nothing for donations apart from
a 'Fuzzy feeling that you are a good person' :-)

Thanks for all the support over the years since the first 'Route-Riter' in 2000 and the first 'RW_Tools' in 2009.

Mike in OZ - Author of TS-Tools & Route-Riter.
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Re: RW_Tools now Freeware

Post by jstange »

Hello Mike,

thank you very much for all your hard work, where would we be without your tool???

One question though - have you considered going even one step further and making your tool open source so that others may continue its development? Maybe not now but some time in the future?

Wishing all the best!
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Re: RW_Tools now Freeware

Post by dcfcfan »

An invaluable software tool to make life so much easier in TS!

Many thanks Mike for all your hard work and contributions over the years.

I wish you good heath.

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Re: RW_Tools now Freeware

Post by JustRight »

Many thanks Mike for your invaluable Tool. I have been a licensed user for ages and would not have been without RW_Tools.

All the very best to you for the future.

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Re: RW_Tools now Freeware

Post by ArnoldAceRimmer »

Was worth every penny I donated for the full version, and i admire that you have taken the decision to now release it as freeware. Good luck with the future :)
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Re: RW_Tools now Freeware

Post by Ajay1 »

I to agree with all the sentiments written above, thank you for all the help you have provided in the past and take care of the health issues.

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Re: RW_Tools now Freeware

Post by brysonman46 »

May I add my thanks for all the help in the past, and wish you well for the future. Like all serious users of RS, RW and TS20xx, I would have struggled without the invaluable aid of RWTools.

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Re: RW_Tools now Freeware

Post by Springer6 »

Thank you Mike for a great utility that has been invaluable to us all, over the years.

Also for all your other help and advice.

All the very best of luck for the future.

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Re: RW_Tools now Freeware

Post by smarty2 »

Yes indeed, invaluable utility. Ditto for all the thanks.
Best Regards
Martin (smarty2)
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Re: RW_Tools now Freeware

Post by JohnM1945 »



And, when you get there, tell us what the outside world is really like... :-?

Kind regards, and all the very best, :B-fly: :B-fly: :B-fly:

John M
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Re: RW_Tools now Freeware

Post by MFMPorter »

Just to add my thanks as well. I would echo everything that's already been said.
David W
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Re: RW_Tools now Freeware

Post by J1o2h3n4 »

Thanks Mike, for your efforts over the years. I have had your program in its various guises since Rail Sim days.
Must admit not really used it to its full potential, but extremely grateful for its existence to do what I needed.
Enjoy your retirement. Here's hoping MS No2 is waiting in the wings, to take up the gauntlet when UE4 lands on planet earth.

Thanks again JohnT
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Re: RW_Tools now Freeware

Post by sbowness »

Thanks for your generosity, Mike. TS would have been a significant challenge without it.
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Re: RW_Tools now Freeware

Post by dave13 »

Thank you very much Mike for all your hard work! :-)
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Re: RW_Tools now Freeware

Post by deltic009 »

Mike I fully understand and support everything you have put in your post.

I, like so many others, have been able to achieve so much more and in much shorter timescales thanks to your wonderful utility over the years.

Your legacy is not just RW Tools, your legacy is the community we have, creating, tweaking, modifying - and for that, your software has consistently been invaluable and your support for updates et most welcome.

I wish you all the best for the future and wish you well in the land of escapism post RW Tools support. Now, I suggest you get a new email provider or at least kill the email account that any support requests came in to.

Thanks from a truly indebted TS user, thankfully you have enabled me to produce things I couldn't imagine possible just a couple of years ago.
Matthew Wilson, development team at Vulcan Productions

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