Overspeed bugs?

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Overspeed bugs?

Post by clkgtr »

Hello guys,
I have tried many times to find why this happen, that is when I played a scenario I created myself, I run on a section of track which speed limit is 160kph.I am not overspeed,but when I alternate different camrera views like 2,3,4 every time as I return back to the Cab view,there is an overspeeding indicator flashing,I don't know why this happen. I think if this is a bug of the game.But I tested other scenarios sometimes may have this problem,some work as normal. I saw the scenario report, it said the track speed limit is 45kmh. But actually it should be 160kph.
I have checked the track properties, looks nothing goes wrong.
the pic is I used a camera view and then back to the Cab view,the overspeed happens.
Anyone knows this problem? thanks

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