So re-skins on Marketplace after all....

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So re-skins on Marketplace after all....

Post by bdy26 »

I might enquire to find out some of the detail on this. I can see it being a logical means of distribution, but expect there may be restrictions, DRM and minimum pricing that might not be very appealing.

It is a means of community engagement by RSC, perhaps as the reaction to the reflogging of DLC this year. Lets not be too cynical too soon eh?


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Re: So re-skins on Marketplace after all....

Post by iceman2117 »

hi, ...

I can already see the chaos when freeware route builders also the marketplace have addons installed in their tracks ...
It is still needed ... :black:

RSC has free resources, then ...
Why can for example improve the quality of vegetation on a common value for all customers TS2014 not first?
So the Grundstock, such as cars, people, weather and so on, through very sensible design for all.
Simply develop some unsightly old Rail Simulator objects and overwrite to use all the basic level.

Platform Scenic.. There are not even travelers with suitcases and bags.
Of umbrellas I will not start now, in England, it never rains, yes. Or was it not "It's never Rains in California" :lol:
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Re: So re-skins on Marketplace after all....

Post by briyeo1950 »

Why are repaints looked down on by some people here? They can take many hours of work and research to complete to a good standard. Not to mention a great deal of artistic talent and even 3D modelling knowledge in some circumstances.
It seems to be the only TS2014 modification that isn't considered to be worth forking out for these days. :-?

Marketplace downloads such as wagon and building packs can only be regarded as for your own personal use. You could never really include many such items in a route or scenario to share, the cost to an end user would be totally prohibitive.
This could seriously stem the already diminishing flow of freeware assets.

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