General: Where is the manual?

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General: Where is the manual?

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Many topics not covered by this FAQ can be answered by reading either the Railworks manuals or the manuals for specific DLC addons. However, finding these manuals is not very intuitive.

In the Railworks Launcher there is a tab at the top labelled "Tools & Docs".

On the right hand side of this is a series of links pointing to the Railworks manuals. The most relevant of these to most players are the Driver Manual and the Keyboard Signal Guide. If you want to write your own scenario (that is, put trains on the track the way you like it) then you should also read the Creator Manual.

Just below these links is a button marked "Open Folder". Pressing this will make Windows display a list of PDF files installed by various DLC packs - including whichever ones were bundled with your install (often BNSF and Tornado).

Reading the manual is especially important for some enhanced traction, including UK Classes 57, 86, 101, 156 and the GWR 56xx - you will find these types very difficult to drive otherwise. It is a good idea to look for the manual for any new addon you buy.

UPDATE: added screenshots.
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