General: How do I install files from UKTS?

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General: How do I install files from UKTS?

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Credit for this FAQ goes to Kyle, 67025, for creating the main section in the 'Help for Beginners' section.

Step Zero is to check what file type it is. If it's an RWP or an RPK, proceed to step 1 below.

If it's a ZIP, RAR, or 7Z, you need to decompress it first and extract the RWP inside. THe best tool for this job is 7-Zip:

1.Load up railworks (Just the Splash Screen) =
2.At The top of the splash screen we have some options : Select the one Called Package Manager ( Circled In Red)
3.You should Now have a screen looking like this :
4.Click The Install Button (Circled In Red)
5.It should take you to your Desktop , Downloads or documents , In this case its Downloads:
6.Locate to where you saved your RWP. File and Double Click on it :
7.Depending on how big the size is it will show a Green Bar , as mine is only a small file it doesn't need to show one. Then it is installed!

Afterwards, it is recommended that you delete your game cache files, as follows.

1. Completely quit Railworks, and then start up the splash screen again.
2. Go Back to the options menu and select "Tools and Docs" , :
3. It should take you to this :
4. Select the Clear Cache Button ( Circled In Red ) :
5.Wait Until it says "Complete" Then Press "Ok."

You can now load up Railworks. If you have just installed some assets, or Rolling Stock, you will need to check the approriate checkbox in the right hand flyout, which s explained here: ... 9&t=117021. PLease note that some installations, such as reskins, may require you to perform other tasks, such as copying folders. Please refer to the manual or readme of that addon for specific instructions.




04/07/11 17:33 chaddockdk: Created. TODO: RH flyout needs to be explained.
11/07/11 14:02 chaddockdk: Link to RH flyout explanation made.
01/08/11 08:34 kromaatikse: Added check for rwp/rpk, and not zips
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