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Linux port

Post by chrisfh1 »

Hi there,

Is anyone aware of a source port of OpenRails to Linux based systems? I'm aware it runs in WINE, however, in the coming months I'm looking at getting a Raspberry Pi 4, and it would be great to be able to get OpenRails running on it. The web page suggests it uses Microsoft XNA, but that this was possibly ported to Mono Runtimes, which if is the case, would obviously run on Linux, assuming there are not other windows dependencies that are still there.

Even if the renderer is still directX 9, WINE can be complied directly into applications so I suppose what I'm going to try to do is have OpenRails -> Mono -> WINE compiled in -> Native ARM binary, and then, hopefully, it would run on the (admittedly flaky) drivers for the VideoCore VI on the Pi 4.
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Re: Linux port

Post by qzdcg8 »

I have a 4GB PPi 4 and good as it is I think it would struggle to run ORTS - its not a big enough jump from a 3B+
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