sound problems

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sound problems

Post by fosweb »

As shown in the manual, OR now uses ScalabiltyGroup(5) for A.I. trains.

I have notice that A.I. trains (diesel) emits an repeated air-brake sound for as long as it can be heard.
(The observer standing at a station where the A.I. arrives and the departs)

The very usefull new sound debug window reveals that the triggers used are 14 TrainBrakePressureIncrease and 54 TrainBrakePressureDecrease.

Is the problem due to a fault in the eng file train brake settings, a fault in the sms file or has the whole idea just not been considered thoroughly.

The problem can be verified by using the GP38, for example MSTS consist "gp38-2, 3 boxcars.con".

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