Zurich Route

Have you given it a go? Post your experiences, particularly things that worked well. Let the team know what works and doesn't work as they cannot test the software with every combination of routes, activities and content available for MSTS. OpenRails is actively being improved and is quickly approaching v1.0. This is a great place to discuss what you can do with OpenRails.

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Zurich Route

Post by peacockg »

I have got to a position on the route where I could consider getting it ready for release. The route is set in the 21st Century and is electrified throughout.

You can see some views of the route in OpenRails/Screenshots/Zurich
https://forums.uktrainsim.com/viewtopic ... 5&t=147084

The section I have completed runs 44 km from Zurich main station to Aarau on the way to Basle, with plenty of stations in between. It is my intention to continue the track further in this direction.
A view from OpenRails Track Viewer is below

I have no interest in writing activities so going to the trouble of preparing the route for release is only worthwhile if someone is prepared to do this.
Prototypically there is obviously a lot of Swiss SBB passenger activity, both mainline and local. In addition there will be French. German and Italian expresses. Freight activity is also pretty intense, lots of container traffic from Northern Europe and the river port at Basle to Italy by the Gotthard. Sometimes this will go via the Limmattal marshalling yard. Some idea of the size of the operation here can be gained from the screenshots.

If you have no interest in continental trains, I would be pleased to see traffic from the UK (although some of the sidings are occupied by SBB static trains)

I will wait to hear of any interest

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Re: Zurich Route

Post by HSVSonderzug »

Hallo Garry,

your route project looks very interesting! I think, I would like to write some activities for the route, using swiss and other continental trains from freeware-packs like the packs for the Südostbahn and the Val de Travers routes, based on timetables available on fahrplanfelder.ch.

Kind regards from Germany,
Thanks to the admins, that I can read/send PMs now. :)

Kind regards,

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