Animated engine driver

Have you given it a go? Post your experiences, particularly things that worked well. Let the team know what works and doesn't work as they cannot test the software with every combination of routes, activities and content available for MSTS. OpenRails is actively being improved and is quickly approaching v1.0. This is a great place to discuss what you can do with OpenRails.

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Animated engine driver

Post by mrmosky »

I thought it might be fun to have a crew member (driver) who moved a bit.

So I have created an animated driver. This is added as an OR freight animation to any suitable locomotive. (Diesel or electric.) The position of the driver can be adjusted to suit.

It is possible to add him as an ordinary freight animation, but I think you need to change the position with Shape File Manager.

I've uploaded him to the file library, so he will appear when the moderators have checked him.

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Re: Animated engine driver

Post by HarryCYUL »

amazing, thank you
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Re: Animated engine driver

Post by coolhand101 »

Hi Geoff

Finally got around to installing this. It's so good, I'm updating my trainsets with Driver Joe.
One question:

Visibility ( "Outside,Cab3D,Cab2D" )

Does this make him visible in external and internal views? I'm using an older version of OR that supports XP, so unsure if these parameters work correctly on my version?

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