UK colour light signals

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UK colour light signals

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Just wondering if there are any colour light signal replacements available (LEDs as well)? I've noticed in GE that some have approach control fitted, some don't (at Manningtree for example), although you can pick flashing yellow, but not approach from red which is what is needed at that junction for 15mph.
I did however notice in the editor that some signals do have app from red/yellow options, but those are the v old style of colour light. I used to route build for TSC but never touched MSTS, but have been using TSRE to see how it's done. The signalling looks a bit similar to TSC in that you place links for the junctions etc. Quite nice that you can configure each singal with feathers/calling on/telephone etc to the same post, a bit different to TSC in that respect.
Is there a guide for MSTS colour light signalling editing anywhere on the net? Struggling to find..
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