Have you given it a go? Post your experiences, particularly things that worked well. Let the team know what works and doesn't work as they cannot test the software with every combination of routes, activities and content available for MSTS. OpenRails is actively being improved and is quickly approaching v1.0. This is a great place to discuss what you can do with OpenRails.

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Post by PaulMitchell »

I'm very far from being an expert using Blender but I've learned a few things about how to use it over the last few months, mainly from cocking things up. I'm thinking of jotting down some notes on how to use it for creating trains. It's not going to be a tutorial more of an aide memoire and a pointer to what's useful. If anyone's interested I could upload it.
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Re: Blender

Post by mrmosky »

Hi Paul,

I would definitely be interested.

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Re: Blender

Post by MisterWho »

me too - please
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Re: Blender

Post by tary5 »

Hi Paul

Thanks for the kind offer and YES I would certainly be interested to learn from your experiences regarding model making of the computer kind.

Cheers for now

Terry W.
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