Removing Trees from Tracks and Roads

Have you given it a go? Post your experiences, particularly things that worked well. Let the team know what works and doesn't work as they cannot test the software with every combination of routes, activities and content available for MSTS. OpenRails is actively being improved and is quickly approaching v1.0. This is a great place to discuss what you can do with OpenRails.

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Removing Trees from Tracks and Roads

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Hi All,
A utility named "No Trees" is now available from the library. It is based on an idea by member Alan Turk and is intended for those who are a little unsure as to how to enter the required parameters, although, of course, anybody can use it!! If the selected route doesn't already contain an OpenRails folder, or its OpenRails folder doesn't contain a .trk file, these will be created. The utility may also be used to modify the value of either, or both, existing parameters.

No installer is supplied and the program may be run from almost anywhere. A Desktop shortcut may be created, where a unique icon will be shown.

NOTE : Where a 'full' .trk file is already in the route's OpenRails folder, some (mainly of North American origin) contain characters after the final legitimate close bracket of the file. If No Trees is run on those files, the extra characters are removed.

 Click to view more informationORTS Utility -- NoTrees [352797 bytes] -
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