Installing UKFS Tracks with OpenRails

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Installing UKFS Tracks with OpenRails

Post by gitsnshiggles »

Hi all,

I have done a fresh install of OpenRails WITHOUT installing MSTS prior. All I have is the Zig-Zag Railway route that comes sort-of supplied with the software, and this works an absolute treat.

However, upon downloading the UKFS Track installer, I cannot select the top folder to use for the install. I suspect that this is because I lack a proper MSTS folder with the associated files on my PC. I've exhausted all other avenues of troubleshooting and I now turn to here.

Has anybody managed to successfully install the track enhancement to an OpenRails install without a prior MSTS install?

Many thanks. My PC is Windows 10.
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Re: Installing UKFS Tracks with OpenRails

Post by copperpen »

UKTS file ID 36731 will do the job. It is a utility designed by Ged Saunders.
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Re: Installing UKFS Tracks with OpenRails

Post by dorlan »

 Click to view more informationMSTS / ORTS Utility - UKFS_Install v1.1 [528696 bytes] - UKFS_Install
File ID: 36731 Date: 20 Feb 2019 - 236 Downloads
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