diesel train not moving

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Re: diesel train not moving

Post by tary5 »

Great news Graham. Really pleased you have got it sorted.

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Re: diesel train not moving

Post by slipperman12 »

Hi Graham,
Well done, mate :)
There'll be no stopping you now!!

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Re: diesel train not moving

Post by DarwinS »

Pleased you have got something moving Graham.

That allows me to take my time to work out the other locos.

Started looking at some data today. The gears on the Mekydro transmissions changed at different speeds for different power notches. :-?

I will continue my discussions in the neighbouring thread.

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Re: diesel train not moving

Post by Easilyconfused »

Thanks to those helping Graham. As a new user he was on post approval but I have lifted that tonight since clearly he understands the forum rules and it speeds things up if he can reply in real-time.

Welcome to the forums Graham :)
Kindest regards

John Lewis

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Re: diesel train not moving

Post by shedbog »

Thanks to everyone for their help.
Will set new record for Weston to Paddington!!

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