Startibg from new (again)

This sim is a brand new, free game engine built on a Windows XNA foundation. It breathes new life into MSTS content as OpenRails is backwards compatible with MSTS routes, activities, and train sets. It's actively in development and approaching v1.0. Please visit the OpenRails web site for minimum HW specifications and software dependencies. The best way to participate is to ask questions as many members of the OpenRails development team participate in the forums.

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Startibg from new (again)

Post by ThomasTelford »

Hi Folks. :D

I am wondering if anyone could give me a few pointers please on starting from new using a computer running Windows 10

Like many I have tried to install the trainsim (My copy has the Flying Scotsman on the front) but without any luck to getting it working. Now this really isn't too much of a problem (but would not mind it working if only for the consist editor) for me as I only want to use Openrails from now on anyway. I have read that you don't need the Trainsim installed to download Openrails but some of the sounds may be missing eyc but I am wondering if this isn't too much of a silly question how I should go about downloading and adding routes into the Opebrails sim? Do I need to create files for the stock etc to go or will it be done automatically?
In short I am looking for the simplest guide and a few pointers into getting Openrails up and running so I can use the routes I plan to install (Listed below)

Great Eastern
Mideast Plus
Black country 1
North West England (Version 2.2)
Thames Mersey (Version 4.3)
Somerset And Dorset Joint Railway
Burton Derby 1950s (version 2)
Dorset Coast (Version)
Manchester Metrolink
Blackpool Tramway

Kindest regards Dominik (Thomas Telford) :fadein:
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Re: Startibg from new (again)

Post by peacockg »

Hi Dominik
The first thing to do is to get MSTS running on your Windows 10 computer. This you can do successfully by following the instructions given in detail on the steam4me site. ... html#intro
Once you have this up and running you can then think about additional routes.
Hope this gets you started
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Re: Startibg from new (again)

Post by viaEstrecha »

I have just rebuilt my setup after a pause of several few years, now of course under Windows10. One important aspect seems to be to keep as much as possible out of the Windows Program Files folder(s), so as not to be at the mercy of Windows ever-changing security! OpenRails itself seems to cope with installing in Program Files and runs successfully, but the MSTS directory, TSRE and Route-Riter utilities etc I installed separately, in folders at drive level eg C:\msts, c:\route_riter.

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