This sim is a brand new, free game engine built on a Windows XNA foundation. It breathes new life into MSTS content as OpenRails is backwards compatible with MSTS routes, activities, and train sets. It's actively in development and approaching v1.0. Please visit the OpenRails web site for minimum HW specifications and software dependencies. The best way to participate is to ask questions as many members of the OpenRails development team participate in the forums.

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Post by curnow98100 »

Hi All,
I am thinking of downloading openrails and was wondering does anyone use the multi-player option as that's the only reason I would want it TBH.

UK sessions?? I have super fast 110mb bb so can host

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Re: multi-player?

Post by NZRRAILWAYS46463 »

i have no idea if people use multiplayer (most likely there are but it honestly depends on what you find)

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