RailWorks Joystick API (V 0.0.5_4) Issues (TS2019)

A flexible, configurable interface for operating RailWorks with your Joystick or other joystick-style analog inputs (custom cabs anyone?)

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RailWorks Joystick API (V 0.0.5_4) Issues (TS2019)

Post by EramsorGR »

Hello everyone,

I downloaded RailWorks J. API last month and had it working with TS 2018. Recently TS 2019 came out and I have some trouble with the Train (not the software)
So I am using U-Bahn Frankfurt II (from JustTrains) and for unknown reasons the Throttle/Braking lever keeps on -100% (at TS).
Other trains (like Class 806) works perfectly with no operation issues (ignoring GUI bugs of TS).

Any ideas on how to fix that issue? :turn-l: Is there any other working application like RW J. API ?

Thanks in advance,
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Re: RailWorks Joystick API (V 0.0.5_4) Issues (TS2019)

Post by americansteam »

I have another issue with the program. I ran the setup and it searched the files. I have many locomotives with advanced scripting outside the .ap files. How does this program automatically search for those files.
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