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Mike Simpson's invaluable tool with many helper functions to make your life easier with RailWorks. Based on the extremely popular RS Tools and also from the same author as Route Riter for MSTS.

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RW Tools Help

Post by medwayrailman »

I have a few routes downloaded, and where I have downloaded Workshop Scenarios. I need to learn how to use RW Tools, so I can see what is required to actually run the game. I am frightened to work on RW Tools, in fear of changing things, then ruining the game. I have notice on some scenarios, I see in certain places what looks like Milk Bottles, so this may represent what is missing. What or how would I use to find out what is actually missing. I've tried looking at tutorials on Youtube, but can't find anything. I'm hoping in time time, to produce my own route for train sim, based on where I lived in The East Midlands.
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Re: RW Tools Help

Post by gptech »

You'd be better posting again in the Train Simulator section, viewforum.php?f=358 but there's nothing to fear in RW Tools; no changes are made until you click the " Save"
button. Having a back up copy of your Assets and Contents folders is a sensible "belt and braces" measure too.
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