Sketchup to Railworks

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Sketchup to Railworks

Post by aaron14xx »

Hey guys, this is my first post.

I have made a model of the Great Western 14xx in sketchup, and would love to have it in railworks. The model is basic, but acceptable. My main issues are not knowing which programs and plugins are needed. If i could get a full list of things needed to do the texturing, physics and simulation, that would be just GREAT! Any tips from experienced modellers would be just ace!
The completed 14xx in sketchup
The completed 14xx in sketchup
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Re: Sketchup to Railworks

Post by BoeingCatty »

I think you need a 3dsmax 2010.Then use this ... NTI0MjY%3D
you can import the engine to 3dsmax.
then you need a kujuace artplugin.
my MSNnumber; ithink i can give you for some help.

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