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Door animation set problem

Posted: Tue Sep 18, 2012 1:58 am
by clkgtr
I am making a EMU in railworks and have some problems on door animation.
I read the dev docs of railworks,and follow the guide steps,but door won't open or close in game.
In 3ds max 2010,I name the door as 1_500_door_l and 1_500_door_r,and export these doors with loco in IGS file.then export IA file of each door seperately.
In Engine blueprint,I set AnimSet ID: door_l and name of left door IA file for Left door.
In control value , I set a control of Left door: Value: DoorsOpenCloseLeft. Difficulty Type:Stop go,ID:door_l,Apply to Consist:True
Element is exterior animation and set the all of the values needed
But in game the door won't open.What's the problem?
Any tips ? Thanks