The Liverpool Overhead Railway

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The Liverpool Overhead Railway

Post by stanec1 »

Hi all you route makers out there,
I have not got the knowledge or intellegence to make the above route.
But as a young boy I spent many an hour travelling from the Dingle station to the Pier Head and beyond sitting on wooden seats!
The greatest adventures of my youth looking at all the ships in the docksand and listening to the whine of the electric motors of the trains.
There are many sites with pictures of the Overhead (or as it was called The Dockers Umbrella)and even in this months railway mag it gives out info on this
railway including a scale model to be shown in York.
It would be a challange to any route maker and asset maker but the route could be FANtastic its only 13 miles long.
PS it was the First Electric overhead railwayin the world
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Re: The Liverpool Overhead Railway

Post by qzdcg8 »

Surprises me no-one ever did this one for MSTS a long time ago - given that its long gone its quite easy to get a pseudo-accurate look without fear of rivetcounters (as there's no rivets left to count) - would be even better in TS2012

There's plenty of colour photos around on the web so it should be possible to do a darn fine job on it
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Re: The Liverpool Overhead Railway

Post by hendersongrant23 »

I personally would love to see this - but do not have the skills to make :(
Please can someone make this - could this be a UKTS Freeware Packs route potentially?
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Re: The Liverpool Overhead Railway

Post by pacerfan »

Get me a gradient profile and I am willing to build the route, I have thought about creating it for a while reasons being an overhead railway in railworks would simply be cool
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