What's Happened?!?!

The AltRail and AltBus forums are now membership only - this is still free, but it does mean you need to apply to Stone220 (AltBus), SouthCoastTrains (Altrail) or AllyPally (AltRail) to gain membership to the groups and participate in the forums. This topic is for public announcements by the Alt moderators.

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What's Happened?!?!

Post by NeutronIC »

I've taken the decision to make the Alt forums private membership only. The main reason for this is that real world companies, real world situations etc are all discussed freely with folks pretending to be those organisations - and I've already had one complaint from a real company about the possible mis-representation where someones innocent public searches in google return pages from alt forums indicating the company is going in to liquidation or something daft and what effect that has on the real company.

I've thought about this and discussed it with the moderators, our options were:

1. Close the Alt forums - definitely not preferred!
2. Limit what you can say, for example never to use real names... but that just makes it confusing and i'm sure takes half the fun out.
3. Make it private and you can do whatever you want (note: still within normal forum rules!!).

So, the forums are now private - you're probably only able to see the "Read Me First" forum at the moment, so how do you join in again?

Contact a moderator of the Alt forums - NOT a general moderator, the relevant people are:

Stone220 - Alt Bus
Allypally - Alt Rail
SouthCoastTrains - Alt Rail

You can request to join a group as follows:

On the top left of the forum click "User Control Panel".
Click the "User Groups" tab that comes up.
Find the appropriate group you want to join, select "join selected" and then click submit. This will send a request to the relevant group leaders and ask them to approve you.

Note: You can join as many groups as you like, but you can only request them one at a time - so if you want to join altbus and altrail you will need to go through the above procedure twice.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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