Altbus: Getting Started Guide. PLEASE READ BEFORE APPLYING

The AltRail and AltBus forums are now membership only - this is still free, but it does mean you need to apply to Stone220 (AltBus), SouthCoastTrains (Altrail) or AllyPally (AltRail) to gain membership to the groups and participate in the forums. This topic is for public announcements by the Alt moderators.

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Altbus: Getting Started Guide. PLEASE READ BEFORE APPLYING

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Quick Guide to getting started in Altbus

1. Read through the following on the AltWiki:
This gives a guide on whats involved in Altbus (Anything you are not sure of please feel free to contact either myself or a member of the Altbus Admin Team)

2. Apply to join the group as detailed in the Read Me First board.

3. I ask that members applying to join the Altbus community make a minimum of 5 posts on the UKTrainsim forums before applying to the group.

Altbus Admin Team

Colin - (Stone220) - Moderator
Alex - (MoonKid47) - Register Manager
Vacant - () - Order/Market Supervisor

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