SimRail 2021 - new railway simulator game

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SimRail 2021 - new railway simulator game

Post by Piti8 »

There is a new rail simulator annoucement on Steam (with multiplayer mode!).

SimRail 2021 - finally another competitor in the trainsim market, take a look :-) ... Simulator/
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Re: SimRail 2021 - new railway simulator game

Post by AndiS »

Important detail (from Steam): Planned Release Date: Q3 2021
Not so important: It is based on the Unity engine and covers Polish prototypes.

SimRail S.A. is a polish company founded this July by PlayWay S.A. with a capital of PLN 100,000 (about GBP 20,000).
Their planned products are: Railroad Simulator, Bus Simulator, Tram Simulator, based on the experience and software of SimKol Sp. z o.o . (Source)
SimKol is a professional simulator Company website

On Facebook they mention an editor that "can automatically generate most of the environment from survey data".

(Google told me all of that. I don't have a clue myself.)
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Re: SimRail 2021 - new railway simulator game

Post by locomotiveman1994 »

That looks rather good! It will certainlx find its place among the rail simming community, especialy since it has a (for TS or TSW at least) long anticipated multiplayer. I also look forward to the dispatcher part, which realy gives a completely different view of the railway. I know there are signal box simulations out there, but that's by far not the same then what we see here.
But, is there any information about what it will cost yet? I don't know if there are a lot of people willing to pay the same price for this than for a AAA game, considdering how many people keep whining over the price of some TS stuff...
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Re: SimRail 2021 - new railway simulator game

Post by rosschris10 »

Reminds me of Trainz seems to be a mix of all the sim. Will be interesting to see this one evolve and what it will release like certainly one to keep an eye on.
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