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2019 onwards-age of sail-maritime routes-made with Blender

Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2019 2:21 pm
by precar

I posted on the 'Blender' UKTS forum regarding the making of the maritime routes. I will probably be renewing the domain site contract in 2 months or so. I was going to abandon the route making but I think I owe it to the few who are interested tp continue.

Currently there are 4 routes available for download. Although BGE removed from 2.8, it still works well in 2.79b and there is a link to download it from my site. Also I will be trying out a change to a 'launcher' made by a member of Blender Artists to enable my route downloads to be simplified without having the full Blender installed.

At present i am working on route 5 which might take a while as there are 3 harbours in it. Routes are from about 20 km size and working around the coastline of the UK.
After route five I will be trying out making the routes run from the 'launcher'. Routes still include the drivable vessels such as sailing-flats and remade the schooner.
drivable keys wasd,tfgh, ijkl.
Animations including ship movements keys 1 to 9
Roaming camera home/end and arrow keys
Available routes for downlaod are..'
01 Isle of Man 32 miles
02 Annan harbour and Solway Firth.
03 Silloth and Solway Firth
04 Maryport and Solway Firth
Route 5 will take the routes around to Whitehaven.
Feedback and discussion welcome but not critique.

Site also inlcuded mini screenshots and blog format page/s for descripive details etc.

Please also refer to the one off post made today in UKTS 'Blender forum'.



Re: 2019 onwards-age of sail-maritime routes-made with Blender

Posted: Wed Mar 13, 2019 6:55 pm
by precar
I have altered the downloads so there is no need to download Blender 2.79b to run the routes.
The routes are already made with 2.79b.
I am now using a launcher.
Inside the launcher I have placed 5 blend files - one for each of the 5 routes.
5 readmes 1 for each route.
I textures folder which contains the textures for 5 routes.

You only need to download the launcher the once.
If I make more routes I will just zip the one blend file and readme.
The textures should last a while in the textures folder.

All you need to do is pop any new blend route files into the BLENDS folder.
to add to the five in it . It will read it from the textures folder already in it.
Further details are on my site.

Seems to work OK as uploaded today.
Hopefuuly it should continue.

Copied from Blender UKTS forum.

Re: 2019 onwards-age of sail-maritime routes-made with Blender

Posted: Wed Mar 20, 2019 12:56 pm
by precar
Change of plan I am keeping about 3 routes online for download and will keep the website contract running.
I will probably rotate the routes. Add 1 or more/remove 1 or more each fortnight or so.

You will need to download Blender to open the Blend file (the route). Routes are about 20 km or more following south along the coastline from the Solway Firth. The theme of the site is past ages and bygone times so age of sail, etc.

I will continue to use Blender 2.79b to make the maritime routes unless it becomes unavailable at some time in the future, then I might change to the Launcher. There is a link on my site to download 2.79 Blender.You do not need to know how to use Blender as it is required just to open the 'blend' file, which is the basic maritime route.

Also my site will include details of the past ages and bygone times and the routes are useful to write a description relating to them. Barry


Re: 2019 onwards-age of sail-maritime routes-made with Blender

Posted: Tue May 21, 2019 1:12 am
by precar
Sill plodding on. Routes are 'basic' mainly
I seem to be the only one in Blender Artists making routes with Blender.
Posted on UKTS Blender forum. 32 routes made, basic Solway Firth to Lands End.
You will need Blender 2.79b to open blend file (route).
Game engine not in 2.8 but previous editions are usually archived for years to download.

Link on my site to download it.
Going through them so restart at Solway and Annan Harbour route one and added early paddle wheelers.
Pretend up to about 1825.
Changed to drivable only no preset paths, or animations except maybe open dock gates.
Schooners, very early paddle steamerm, sailing flat (barge with sail), sloop.
Maybe somebody might be interested, somewhere on these lonely seas.
I only know of Virtual Sailor now and no longer use it.

screenshot a bit fuzzy


Re: 2019 onwards-age of sail-maritime routes-made with Blender

Posted: Fri May 24, 2019 11:53 am
by precar
In the process of uploading 16 maritime routes, mainly basic age of sail.
31 made and wil eventually and probably vary 16 online, but depnding on bandwidth.
These range from basic merged colour textures to photographic textures.
Trying to keep to my website main interest of past ages and bygone times, but due to various reasons and skill will be mainly docks, harbours and rivers. Currently 13 online at time of posting.
Please note this is Blender relevant as you will need to download Blender 2.79 or latest 2.79b. Game Engine removed from 2.8.


P.S. Routes follow along the coastline from Solway Firth Scotland and End at Lands' End.

Re: 2019 onwards-age of sail-maritime routes-made with Blender

Posted: Tue Jul 09, 2019 4:35 pm
by precar
I have closed my domain site and as far as I know won't be renewing contract.
So non of the links will work, as domain site no longer available. Thanks. Barry

Re: 2019 onwards-age of sail-maritime routes-made with Blender

Posted: Tue Aug 20, 2019 4:33 pm
by precar
I have been posting on Blender Artists about maritime routes and Blender using 2.79b
I have managed to upload mini maritime routes to BA, all made with with Blender 2.79b and 3DEM for the srtm2 file.
Currenly I have 20 available to download including full Isle of Man, Full Anglesy, Full Lleyn Penisula
Almost forgot Liverpool Docks c1800 at about one and hald miles of docks.
The small routes have some content and a few interactive scenarios. All routes are under 5 meg each!
I won't make a direct link to the Blender Artists page.
I seem to be the only one who makes maritime simulations (smile).

You will need Blender to open the Blend File (the route)
You do not need to know how to use Blender.
Download 2.79b or 2.79.
If unable to find go to the Archived pages and Blender versions date back about 10 years.

Blender Artists
Barry Maritime
Completed 'Games'
Page is Maritime Route Downloads.
My own web site I terminated and do not intend to renew the domain.



Re: 2019 onwards-age of sail-maritime routes-made with Blender

Posted: Mon Nov 18, 2019 11:36 pm
by precar
Made 50 small routes Blender Artistsforum . Completed routes section. Maritime downloads pages 1 and 2.
All routes under 5 meg by using instancing for 100s of trees etc. Blender 2.79b Alt plus D. You will need to download 2.79b from the archives to run them. You do not need to know how to use Blender!.

However I have almost lost interest in continuing with these basic routes but today found out some interesting news.

Ship Sim. VStep changed to making professional simulations after Shipsim esxtreme 2010.

They have decided to continue producing new home maritime simulations.
Built upon their professional simulation skills.

These details might be approximate but correct as far as I know. ... reloaded=1


Re: 2019 onwards-age of sail-maritime routes-made with Blender

Posted: Wed Nov 27, 2019 5:43 pm
by precar
The website I had no longer exists so any links to it won't work.
I have several pages on Blender Artists and also by keeping the file size very low there is a link to download the maritime routes, all under 5 meg approx.
Click the magnifying glass top right and enter maritime downloads.
This should should bring up both pages at the top.

First page which is page 1 has 39 Routes to download.
Second page which is maritime downloads 2, has 17 routes to download.
All routes are basic and follow around the coastline of UK from the Solway Firth to near Lands'End and the South Coast.

You can download them from the links on the pages as a zip file. All are under 5 meg
Drag out of the zip. Double click the Blend File. Mouse over window press P.
Might need to left click on window first.or easier tag at top. game/start game engine. Roaming camera is home/end/arrow keys.

There are details in the zip. Sailing move ships with wasd, tfgh, ijkl, zxcv I think for early paddle steamer.
The page with 17 routes has the most content as uses Alt plus D to instancing trees and boats, etc.
Liverpool docks in in a route c1810.
Any animations use nos mainly 1,2,3, Scenario to rescue crewman in Silloth route I think.

You will need to download blender 2.79b from the archives or as detailed on other Blender pages.
You do not need to know how to use it, but it opens the blend file (route).
Version 2.8 does not have the game engine but back versions of Blender are available for many years.
2.79b is the latest before they removed the game engine in 2.8.
I have not given a link to the routes as can't alter post once sent.

P.S.. Only terms are use at your own risk.
Not for commercial use.

Re: 2019 onwards-age of sail-maritime routes-made with Blender

Posted: Wed Nov 27, 2019 6:09 pm
by precar
The link for the previous blender versions

Re: 2019 onwards-age of sail-maritime routes-made with Blender

Posted: Sat Nov 30, 2019 12:25 pm
by precar
I have added another route very basic for Lands' End. This completes the series starting from the Solway Firth and the borders of Scotland, then following the coastline around the coast and rivers of Wales down to Cornwall. Whether I continue along the South Coast I have no idea at present. Windows 7 support ends in about 2 weeks and next have to set up new computer I ordered with windows 10, to replace the 8 or so years old desktop version.
Total now of 57 downloadable routes.

I am interested in following progress of the new Commercial simulator.
Once you download and install 2.79b Blender version you can forget it, as you just open or double click the blend file.
Next press key P or tag at top, 'game/start game engine'.A few of the routes have a scenario such as rescue crewman from sailing-flat that has run aground, etc. Some have the sailing ships on preset courses. All routes are up to or below 5 meg. As far as I know you do not need to register with Blender Artists to Download my maritime routes.
Use at your own risk : Not for commercial use.
Most of the routes use srtm2 data and a script to generate the mesh for the terrain.
Docks etc are mainly based on OpenStreetMap as a base map, then deleted.

The next version of Blender 2.8 I found too difficult for me to learn. Also they have removed the game engine from it, but 2.79b works fine and there won't be any changes to it. There is a permancy now regarding these routes unless Blender Artists altered the completed 'games' section. The archices go back maybe 10 years or more with all the Blender versions.

If any problems post as I will check this thread from time to time.


Re: 2019 onwards-age of sail-maritime routes-made with Blender

Posted: Tue Dec 10, 2019 10:34 am
by precar
Apparently my readme, description and simple terms, use at your own risk and not for commercial use, on wordpad in the zip file, can no longer be opened easily in windows 10. It reverts to office word or similar if opened in windows 10. I decided this was unsatisfactory and removed all my 56 zip file routes from blender artists completed games/simulations.

Thanks Barry