Xtracks errors

Created by Okrasa Ghia as a set of extended track pieces designed to coincide with the default track that comes with MSTS, XTracks has become one of the most essential additions that you must have on your machine since most routes make use of it.

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Xtracks errors

Post by DDPOTTER »

i make route for train sim.
but when i install xtracks every time i go to the track database i get lots of errors up when trying to palce xtrack pieces and i have the xtracks route builder installed. its the same with new roads.
is there anyway of having x tracks and newroads install with out them being added to your route builing lists.
so i can paly route that need xtracks and i can build routes that don't need xtracks but i don't see the xtracks in the list for track peaces?
any ideas?
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Re: Xtracks errors

Post by stevenmasters »

What errors are you getting?

To use the track/road sections you also need to install (into the <route>\TEXTURES\ folder) the texture packs as well.

To only see what sections you actually have, use Route Riter's "Make Tsection" function. This will modify the GLOBAL\tsection so that only the entries for the shapes that you have are kept (and therefore displayed in the RE).
Standardized \global\tsection.dat file now at build #41.
Tsection Inquiries: tsection@train-sim.com

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