Deleting x track

Created by Okrasa Ghia as a set of extended track pieces designed to coincide with the default track that comes with MSTS, XTracks has become one of the most essential additions that you must have on your machine since most routes make use of it.

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Deleting x track

Post by RGoperator »

I had noticed once I downloaded x tracks - I couldn't delete it, even deleting the folder didn't make any difference - Can this be done??
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Re: Deleting x track

Post by OkrasaGhia »

Yes it can be done. Boiles down to replacing the tsection.dat file in the global folder with your original tsection.dat file which was moved to the XTracks-folder.
If you have already deleted that it is included in the XTracks package as "Original tsection.dat".
There is no automated way of deleting XTracks and all the shape-files will still be in your global/shapes-folder.

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