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Post by JonathonAG »


I have been thinking about this for a while....due to interest in the Bo'ness pack itself....and perhaps the lack of Scottish-region steam locomotives avaliable for MSTS.

Now, without causing concern....I am asking about what the verdict would be that if we let the pack to a backseat ( yes anything worked on will be worked on still, but alongside with freeware models ). Main reason is because there is a little lack in interest about the pack.....resources and help. I feel that yes, the project is worthwhile and i'm glad to those who are helping....but at this moment we aren't giving much to the users of MSTS.

Yes, the BKRTS will continue it's main goal....but will releasing some freeware models giving a taste of what sort of detail and experience you could expect in the pack boost interest?

Any views would be greatly appreciated. No action will be taken however until it has been talked about within and outside of the team.


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Post by karlrestall »

That's great Jonathon :lol: it gives me a bit more time to do some research :D Honestly though it will be a brilliant pack when it comes out and I look forward to its release.


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Post by NiallGray »

As you know mate, I've been following progress of your 303 for a while and I hope to see it one day!
The Class 303/311 pack - 26 EMUs for MSTS/OR covering every era of these iconic Clyde-based units. From Caley Blue to Carmine and Cream!
Available now on UKTS - File 34622
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Re: Freeware

Post by Bruces »


Is there a chance of getting some more of these stuff available?They look so good!
Bruce :)

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Re: Freeware

Post by ashgray »

After bumping a 2½ year old thread, you might at least have clarified what it is you're referring to, Bruce....

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